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Absolut bathroom collection celebrates the pinnacle of luxury bathroom design. Extraordinary versatility shapes an emotive state - thanks to a fluid language of colours; materials, surfaces and volumes to combine freely in absolute harmony with each kind of style or architectural structure. absolut takes influences from bathroom furniture trends and styles from all over the world and will transport to the bathroom suites that symbolise their culture of design


Full composition price: £10,743

Distinctively mediterranean and modern, Valencia bathroom maximises mirrored finishes to reflect the beautiful surroundings of this luxurious home.


Full composition price: £9,338

Fusing a unique and fresh colour finish - Sahara colour units are juxtaposed against a rich wood veneer to create a high end bathoom.

0 / 03 MILAN

Full composition price: £5,450

Admiration from all angles - refined by detailing. Combining luxury materials like the gloss Emperador laminam, with its rich marble look and mirrored units to create a distinct depth.

0 / 04 MILAN

Full composition price: £4,201

Luxury shower room in Milan. Clean design as well as function, this room is designed with a purpose and perfect to begin your day. Utilising matt finishes to create a mutual and natural environment.

0 / 05 MILAN

Full composition price: £6,430

This high-end Milan bathroom comprises of ample concealed storage - making use of the vast space and some of the most luxurious materials in our range, all presented in generous quantities. Our Belt bathub is highlighted as a centre piece of the room, which is also available for purchase.

0 / 06 PARIS

Full composition price: £6,303

A contemporary Parisian bathroom formulated into a traditional Parisian apartment to create a sophisticated blend of new and old design. A feat few successfully achieve.

0 / 07 PARIS

Full composition price: £2,409

A contrasting art-deco bathroom, with Parisian influences. This bathroom combines delicate pastel colours with matt white finishes and fittings. A playful bathroom for a city renown for fashion and distinct design.

0 / 08 ANTIBES

Full composition price: £17,138

3 unique bathroom compositions in a exclusive holiday home in Antibes, with picturesque surroundings the furniture reflects a style rich in natural materials and contrasting luxurious finishes to create a home fit for an adventure.

0 / 09 GENEVA

Full composition price: £6,748

A bathroom collection in a luxury retreat around Lake Geneva. Synonymous for cold climates, this composition presents comfort and warmth with use of elegant dark wood veneer and luxurious naturual stone effect laminam, with a touch of gold and silver accents.

0 / 10 GENEVA

Full composition price: £6,924

Another Swiss home with the bathroom inspired by the traditional nordic saunas, with its wooden panelling. Modernised with contrasting white and black furniture to create an elegant space with natural warmth.

0 / 11 GENEVA

Full composition price: £4,571

Light and airy, with luxurious marble throughout. This composition makes use of a limited colour palette, but provides plenty of intrigue with a mixture of unique furniture characteristics. All equalling a modern bathroom, at the height of popularity.


the absolut collection

All of our products are bespoke to the requirements of our customers. Contact our interior experts to find out how our individual products or product compositions can be customised specifically for your home.

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