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Code bathroom collection explores modernity and balance. Unique and engaging bathroom suites designed for the daring. Code is the result of the fusion of art and design, for a room with a purpose.  Luxury bathrooms for those who appreciate simplicity. Code explores design styles few dare to incorporate into a bathroom

0 / 01 WAVE

Full composition price: £4,600

Wave is bathroom suite that is inspired by organic forms and materials. Naturally shaped furniture inspired by the ocean's waves and raw natural pine wood with added woodworm effect, give the bathroom a subtle industrial feel. Pure matt white cabinets and washbasin give the bathroom a fresh contrast.


Full composition price: £4,729

Eucalipto creates refined consistency by means of combining natural graining and tone. Luxurious veined Laminamis fused with elegant matt Eucalyptus to create a space to be envious.


Full composition price: £3,139

Staturarietto one-piece composition utilises the refined warming tones of Eucalyptus against the elegant Staturarietto Laminam mantra washbasin.


Full composition price: £7,000

Mono Rosso bathroom showcases a highly distinctive Rosso matt Fenix finish to the twin Kuki built-in washbasin, combined with minimal black aluminium exposed framework - resulting in a sophisticated look at the height of modernity.

0 / 05 EMPEROR

Full composition price: £4,465

Emperor bathroom composition features luxury touches fused with minimalistic design to create a feeling of empowerment. Eucalyptus wood, with bronze Rodio framework harmoniously juxtaposed against the luxuriously grained Emperador Laminam built-in washbasin. A true statement bathroom suite.


Full composition price: £4,422

Bianco Amor celebrates the elegance and simplicity of the white bathroom. The bathroom furniture is comprised of clean handleless white lacquer doors combined with a uniquely textured resin built-in washbasin. A white sensation.

0 / 07 WAVE NERO

Full composition price: £3,378

Wave Nero bathroom remains distinctively dark without sacrifice of elegance. Bathroom furniture made from refined Rovere Inchiostro Oak merged with a luxury matt Pietra grey thinly veined Laminam washbasin. A trendsetting suite.

0 / 08 NOIR

Full composition price: £7,508

Noir is all encompassing elegance. The sophisticated combination of the luxurious Noir Desir Laminam covered Plaza twin washbasin, complimented by metal Pinot colour-way lacquered units, all running parallel to the Boheme bathroom mirror.


Full composition price: £4,287

Orientale features eastern influences of styling, layout and use of materials. Fusing dark Inchiostro Oak offset cabinets with a pure matt white built-in washbasin to create a fresh and welcoming space.


Full composition price: £5,731

Pietra Grigia is a pure monotone bathroom, that creates depth and personality - by use of exploratory materials and fittings. The bathroom features high contrasting matt lacquer furniture and fittings alongside stone effect Pietra Grigia Laminam to create an elegant space.

0 / 11 ACCIAO

Full composition price: £4,174

Acciaio or steel bathroom design fuses a steel textured built-in washbasin, paired with Nero black storage units with aluminium. An industrial bathroom for a modern world.


Full composition price: £5,254

Wave Acqua is by surrounded aquatic toned units and natural shapes to comfort and relax - the perfect couples bathroom suite for the modern home.


Full composition price: £2,888

Mono Rodio answers a need for refined simplicity and spacial unity. The bathroom suite combines the refined natural look of eucalyptus wood veneer in perfect harmony with the elegance of the Rodio bronze aluminium exposed framework.

0 / 14 MONO OAK

Full composition price: £3,271

Mono Oak blends a combination of Scandinavian style oak with contrasting black exposed aluminium frame - for an subtle industrial feel. A bathroom design of a simplistic nature.

0 / 15 CUBE

Full composition price: £3,189

Cube is an expression of experimental styling with a deep knowledge of the avant-garde. The Karma washbasin in a bold combination of luxurious gloss Gres Iris Gauidi Stone with matt lacquer base is a guaranteed talking point.

0 / 16 SPADA

Full composition price: £4,687

Spada or sword - blends traditional materials with cutting edge designed bathroom products. The composition highlights the matching recessed washbasin and up-stand in luxury matt finish heavily veined Laminam, balanced with warm Eucalyptus toned floating cabinets.

0 / 17 BIANCO

Full composition price: £3,325

Bianco bathroom is pure, raw and industrial in design. The composition combines strong materials to create a bathroom unique and modern. Scandinavian influenced Pine, matt white units and black exposed framework create a clean and bold look.


the code collection

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