BORA Cooktops – The Ultimate Game Changers.

Bora Cooktops, an outstanding hob that your household will thank you for.

Cookers and hobs today play a distinct role in the kitchen as they have evolved considerably since their introduction in the late 18th century. Today, hobs and cookers reflect the diversity of modern living spaces and help individuals and families in their preparation of meals ranging from simple snacks to extravagant home-cooked banquets. No matter the style of your home and our tastes, hobs will provide you with convenience, allowing you to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

What is in the Name BORA?

BORA is a revolutionary name in the cooking top market, and we at Krieder Kitchens have taken notice of this unique company. The company is inspired by the latest kitchen design trends, and you do not want to be left behind. BORA’s forward thinking and innovative design ideas can be seen in the design of their special cooking top. The BORA cooking top, unlike other cooking tops, has a special feature that sets it apart from the rest. The new BORA cooktop has a powerful in-built extractor, which means that the cooktop has a unique ventilation system. The appliance still maintains a stylish look and is user-friendly, making it the ultimate kitchen appliance for you. 3 BORA Cooktops; 1 unique feature

Forget about the fumes and embrace the fun

The brains behind the BORA cooktops are nothing short of passionate about good food, visionary, and creative. They are determined to make the kitchen a better and enjoyable place where cosy coffee chats and social gatherings happen, where people prepare and share food as they get rid of their stresses and enjoy each other’s company. The BORA cooktop has adopted the ideas of having fun in the kitchen and hence, revolutionizing the modern kitchen.

The concept of the BORA cooktop offers more freedom in the extractor hood area, offering the kitchen more freedom, revolutionizing its design, adding functionality, all while maintaining an amazing look. The idea behind the cooktop is that it maintains a functional design all while sucking away cooking odours and vapours immediately they begin to rise from the roaster, cook pot or pans and grills. Unlike normal extractors that extract upwards, the outstanding BORA cooktop extracts downwards downward at a speed of approximately 4 metres per second. The result is fume and odour-free kitchen that makes cooking a great experience for the entire family.

There are three types of the BORA cooktop; the BORA Basic, BORA classic and BORA professional 2.0. Despite having three distinct looks, they have one amazing and common feature, the effective vapor extraction system curated by BORA.


In its perfect best

The BORA Basic is a tight yet dynamic cook pot with an effective extractor. Both can be controlled using a central touch system. The spaced cooking parts in this design enables it to sustain two large pans behind each other, despite the smaller dimensions. It also features an integrated recirculating air filter and low installation heights, which allows for maximum usage of space in the floor unit of the cooking pot. For this BORA product, there is an option to mount on the surface or flush installation. It also comes with a brushed stainless steel frame.


Classic design and full flexibility

The BORA classic is characterised by super flexibility and attractive design. The cooktop takes a minimalistic approach and yet is still made in compact dimensions that allow the extractor and cooktop to blend in with whatever design your kitchen takes. As such, this classic design is fit for almost every kitchen worktop. The BORA classic also has touch-operated controls that can be adjusted with a simple tap. The classic BORA features different designs, including tepan, wok, hyper glass ceramic, and the traditional gas cooktop.


Distinguished performance and an automatic extraction control

BORA Professional 2.0 is a tool for professionals. Just like its counterpart, BORA Classic, the Professional 2.0 adopts the minimalist concept while offering a broad range of cooktops for the user to choose from. As such, it is easy to get any design you want, ranging from Tepan to wok cooktops. It is the largest cooktop with a depth of 54cm, which helps create a large cooking space. Additionally, the BORA Professional 2.0 embraces technology, with intelligent control knobs that enable the user to control different functions ranging from the temperature indicator to function programmes.

The cooktop and extractor of the BORA Professional 2.0 is intelligent, and the extractor and cooktop efficiently communicate with each other. Such connectivity allows for outstanding effectiveness and user-friendliness that draws the user closer to the ultimate BORA experience. Another outstanding feature of this cooktop is the fact that it is significantly quieter than its counterparts. If therefore, you prefer quietness while going about your kitchen activities, then this is the best cooktop for you.