Streamline your Kitchen with Concealed Sockets

With so many gadgets and appliances that need to be plugged in or charged, plug sockets are a vital feature of any modern kitchen. But, when you are trying to create a sleek, high-end look, traditional white wall-mounted sockets can seriously cramp your style. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your sockets to give your kitchen the very latest fuss-free style, use these clever design ideas to camouflage or conceal them instead!

popupsocket 1

Evoline Back Flip Worktop Socket

Install a Pop-up Socket

Pop-up sockets sit neatly concealed in your worktop when not in use, but when you need to plug in your blender or charge your laptop, they can simply be pulled up to reveal a strip of sockets. Many modern, pop-up sockets include USB ports as well as standard plug sockets to give even more versatility, and some can be retracted back into the work surface while items are still plugged in for a highly streamlined look. 

Create a Charging Station in a Drawer

Eliminate unsightly plugs and clutter on your kitchen work surfaces by creating a charging station within one of your kitchen drawers. A charging station within a drawer allows you to store and charge items such as mobile phones, tablets and other smart tech. Not only will this simple solution help to keep your kitchen tidy and your devices organised, but it will also help to protect your gadgets from splashes and steam that they may come into contact with if left out to charge on kitchen countertops. 

dockingstation drawer 1
dockingstation drawer 1

Camouflage Sockets with Coordinating Colours

A white plastic socket in the middle of a non-white backsplash or coloured tiles can stand out like a sore thumb. These days though, white is not your only option, and many different coloured sockets and wall plates are available which can be matched to your tiles or backsplash to create a seamless look. In the case of painted walls, primed faceplates are also available for sockets and switches which are supplied ready prepared for painting with the colour of your choice. 

Install Sockets Under Wall Cabinets

If you want easy access for plugging in your kitchen appliances without having to have sockets mounted upon your kitchen backsplash, then sockets hidden underneath your wall cabinets could be the answer. Strips of sockets are available which are designed especially for mounting underneath wall cabinets, and are often fitted parallel to under cabinet lighting. These sockets are easy to reach and use while being undetectable unless you bend to look under the cabinet.