explore commercial projects

Explore the Krieder commercial contract division providing professional management of your project in partnership with our local partners. From planning, production management, logistics and installation, Krieder always delivers superior expertise in the design and installation of contract kitchens, bespoke wardrobe packages, living spaces, bathrooms and surfaces for b2b clientele. Our deep knowledge of materials, commitment to research, experimentation and innovation. Fundamental facts that has always been key to Krieder.

Tailor-made craftmenship

Krieder has carried out important tailor-made projects all over the world, in collaborations with the most important international architecture firms. Our many years of experience is documented in a wealth of impeccable references from all around the world.

Scaling the heights of residential developments with our contract management expertise

We have been partnering with some of the worlds leading architects, interior designers and house builders/developers offering the best b2b kitchen contracts. With over 30 years of experience of management, design & installation of luxury kitchens and an impressive portfolio of contractors supplied. Krieder’s contract kitchens exceed the highest expectations of our clients. 

Beautiful and competitively priced kitchen and wardrobe packages.

Our beautiful, luxury, affordable contract kitchens and wardrobes are what we known best for. We cater for all projects from all sizes from individual properties to long-term housing developments, managed all independently . Our kitchens can be designed and built completely bespoke – perfect for any B2B project.

Kitchens design and installation capabilities for projects all of sizes

With over 30 years experience of project management, design & fitting of contract kitchens – Krieder commercial contracts exceed the highest expectations.

Turn-key projects

We are able to collaborate constructively and dynamically with designers and construction companies in the development and creation of interior fittings and furnishings, using both our mass-produced designs modified to a specific request or creating custom made products. We provide all the assistance necessary to complete the project successfully.