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THE KRIEDER NIGHT COLLECTION IS DESIGNED TO INDULGE THE SENSES AND TRANSFORM ANY BEDROOM INTO A space OF SOPHISTICATION AND ULTIMATE RELAXATION. our exclusive collection includes bedroom furniture such as wardrobes, beds, dressers, nightstands, vanity tables and ottomans. luxury bedrooms designed to enhance any nighttime space

Plume night collection with walk in wardrobe

Dark and refined, this bedroom composition features a dark real wood veneer Plume bedside table vanity table with our Naked walk-in wardrobe.

Icon night collection with Glass wardrobe

A luxurious glass wardrobe provides a distinct feature in this spacious bedroom. The floating sterling bed becomes part of the structure of the room as the headboard is married to the boiserie. The light lacquered Icon vanity table completes the space.

Aiace bed with hanging wardrobe

Comfortable and functional - this bedroom provides 2 seperate areas by use of a partial dividing wall. The Aiace bed provides hidden storage locations within the headboard, the Plurimo hinged wardrobe is built and designed to reflect the same colour scheme. This bedroom also features a small study and home office area.

Contigo Night collection with Mirrored wardrobe

Soft charismatic details - this bedroom features comfort and soft furnishings for lovers of Leather. Also featuring our Contigo bedside tables and Plurimo sliding wardrobe, with its distinguished narrow mirroring and lacquer loom door.

Deville Night collection with Mylove bed

The playful and refined MyLove bed is the centrepiece of this bedroom composition, with joint offset wooden headboards and elegant LED mood lighting. The modernity continues with the DeVille bedside tables and, dresser and vanity table with handless construction and matt finish.

Shade Night collection with Belami bed

Full composition price: £5,589

Supple Italian tan eco-leather covers our Belami bed with Therm Oak bed frame, 2 our of most desirable finishes - working in perfect harmony. The shade night collection delightfully showcases a rich Sahara Noir Marglas recessed top, with linear 45 degree built-in handles complete on the bedside tables and 4 drawer dresser.

Nap Night collection with glass wardrobe

Full composition price: £3,299

Varied material finishes throughout provide contrast to a tonal selection of furniture. Masala Walnut bedside table and bed frame created a light foundation for a build up on subtle colour. The woodwork and fabric finished give our stunning glass fitted Plurimo wardrobe time to shine in this composition.

Kobe Night collection with Dwayne bed

Full composition price: £5,013

Bursts of Rossocina Red contrast against a Visione brown finish throughout a tonal and dark bedroom. The Dwayne bed perfectly compliments our Kobe night collection, side tables and dressers utilise linear spacers to create a divide between coloured blocks. A playful, yet grownup composition.

stage Night collection with dwayne bed & sliding wardrobe

Full composition price: £4,428

This bedroom features a partitioned wall that separates our fitted Plurimo wardrobe, with Icona sliding doors in complimentary finish to the bedside table and dresser. The Stage night collection which features a subtle Tortora matt lacquer with minimal handles in Indian brown metal. Masala Walnut supports our charming Dwayne bed.

Deville Night collection with dwayne bed

Full composition price: £4,524

A bedroom composition that showcases of our DeVille night collection which cleverly blends rich Therm oak with a modern matt lacquer finish to create furniture pieces that work perfectly in more traditional homes. The DeVille night collection features a matching set of bedside tables, vanity table and bed bench.

nap Night collection with gyles bed

Full composition price: £4,892

Natural coloured eco-leather is highlighted with the use of mutual coloured bedroom units. The Nap night collection bedside table and dresser showcase extreme simplicity with a handleless design and matt finish. The also minimally designed Gyles bed utilises our Masala Walnut for the bed frame to compliment the tan eco-leather upholstery.

plume Night collection with leo bed

Full composition price: £6,170

A trend setting bedroom design, which hosts our elegant Plume night collection bedside table, dresser and bedside bench and contemporary fabric covered Leo bed. The units blend a dark elegant colour combination of Visione Brown matt lacquer with highly polished Portoro Marglas, which emits a deep marble like effect.

Deville Night collection with mark bed & sliding wardrobe

Full composition price: £3,492

Showcasing the comfort of the Mark bed, covered in luxurious Eco-leather with complimentary DeVille night collection nightstand and vanity table in contrasting Corda matt lacquer. Completing the composition is our integrated Plurimo wardrobe, with glass sliding doors.

Contigo Night collection with mark bed

Full composition price: £5,348

Blending the warm Claudia 139 fabric and comfort of the Mark bed with angular Contigo nightstand and dresser units, with the signature 45 degree interior cut. The perfect balance of comfort and design.

Mylove bed with icon vanity table & hanging wardrobe

Full composition price: £5,088

Showcasing the versatility of the MyLove bed, we display a selection of modular add ons which create bespoke beds, which are centred around you. Our light Masala Walnut houses the bed and contrasts against eco-leather and matt lacquer finishes found elsewhere. Our built-in wardrobe system is fitted to scale the height of the room, maximising storage space and reducing clutter. Also featuring the minimally designed vanity table and ottoman.

shade Night collection with Mylove bed

Full composition price: £4,135

Modern and brave. This bedroom composition contrasts extremely modern and minimal furniture with concrete interior architecture, to find a balance between old and new design. Sharp lines for lovers of architectural linearity.

Mylove bed +accessories

Full composition price: £2,347

A bedroom interior for those who enjoy a "less is more" approach to their spaces, hosting the MyLove bed with built in side shelfs and headboard, suspended from the ground with metal angular legs. Utilising our modular bedside add ons to create bedsite tables and other available storage solutions.

kobe night collection with plaza bed

Full composition price: £5,161

A celebratory use of our Therm Oak finish in a notably organic looking interior design. The Plaza bed build entirely of Therm Oak and featuring for the top, spacers and base of the modular night units, complete with contrasting Ostrica Green matt lacquer finish. Kobe nightstand and dresser provide an equally intriguing storage solutions.

Defile night collection with Plaza ottoman bed

Full composition price: £4,620

Monotone furnishings provide a distinctly moody bedroom environment, the perfect look for a bachelor pad. A Luxurious Italian Lavagna Oak Plaza bed with quilted fabric feature with matt lacquer contrasting Defile night collection bedside table and dresser.

Kobe night collection wtih Prince bed

Full composition price: £4,571

The sharp, linear edges of our Kobe night collection bedside table and dresser provide a distinct contrast to the soft furnishings of the Prince bed. Also find elegant white Marble-like Calcatta marglas, organic in form similar to the untreated brick interior wall.

Defile night collection with Prince bed & hanging wardrobe

Full composition price: £6,555

A bedroom composition that blends contemporary furniture with traditional decor. Our subtle coloured furnishings further aid the natural light that floods into this bedroom. The Defile night collection beside table soft edges blend perfectly with the bed headboard.

stage night collection with roger bed & walk-in wardrobe

Full composition price: £4,301

A separated bedroom environment utilising our walk-in wardrobe system elements to create a bespoke dressing room. Stage nightstand and dresser add a refined furniture addition along with the soft fabric upholstered Roger bed.

contigo night collection with roger bed

Full composition price: £3,404

Combining modular Contigo daytime storage elements & bedside table and dresser to create a bespoke bedroom environment. Completed by the centre-piece Roger leather bed, delightfully coated in our eco-leather.

Kobe night collection with Sterling bed

Full composition price: £6,139

Combining our ultra sleek, minimal furniture elements to create a environment to reflect the linear interior architecture. The Kobe night group nightstand and modular dresser add a unique blend of flat matt lacquer Fargo and elegant glossy Portora marglas top.

Sterling bed +accessories with Icon vanity

Full composition price: £5,644

The Sterling bed features multiple modular furniture add ons, here we showcase bedside paneling, drawer facilities and storage elements which enable a very clutter free bedroom space. Also featuring the Icon vanity table, in complimentary Masala Walnut finish to match the bedside units.

icon night collection with vincent bed

Full composition price: £4,907

Showcasing the Vincent bed with metal legs - finished in luxurious dark Italian Lavagna Oak with hard leather upholstery. The elegant Icon night collection provides a unique nightstand and dresser combination to contrast the dark Oak, with light Bianco White matt lacquer.

nap night collection with vincent bed

Full composition price: £3,839

Highlight the elegant Masala Walnut finish, we dedicate the entire nap nightstand and dresser to display its versatility. The Vincent bed in Tortora matt lacquer provides a contrast, complimenting our built-in wardrobe which shares the same finish.

All of our products are bespoke to the requirements of our customers. Contact our interior experts to find out how our individual products or product compositions can be customised specifically for your home.

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