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The 3D effect is distinctive and unique with the playful manipulation of natural light.
Contemporary unique sliding wardrobe designed and fitted by Krieder UK.

3D Repetition of light and shadow

The 3D repetition of light and shadow is what makes the Plissé sliding door wardrobe so distinctive. The panels making up the Plissé wardrobe door can be in two different finishes. The wardrobe can be recessed, set against a wall or fitted in a corner arrangement.

Luxury 3D effect sliding wardrobe, designed in Italy, fitted to your home by Krieder.
Wardrobe Finishes
*Available with all wardrobe collections
*Only available with selected products
*Only available with selected products
*Only available wardrobes with mirrored doors
*Only available for wardrobe collections with glass doors
*Only available with selected products

Night Collection

Discover our Night Collection brochure, showcasing luxury modular wardrobes, Italian beds and complimentary bedroom furniture.

Our wardrobe systems are designed to the unique requirements of your home and bespoke to each individual. Contact our design team to help guide you through our wardrobe design process.

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