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Bora Classic 2.0 modular cooktop system with integrated extractor sold by Krieder UK

The BORA Classic is as flexible to the needs of any home kitchen. A modular system that can be built around the cooking method of your preference.

The modular system allows for cooktop customisation.

Using modular components, the consumer has the ability to specify what cooking methods they use most. With a wide range of cooktops available from flex induction, zone induction, stainless steel tepan yaki grill, gas hobs and wok gas hobs.

Superior downdraft extraction, a signature of BORA.

High performance extraction keeps your kitchen free of odour and vapour, keeping your kitchen in the condition it was installed in.

Have as many components or as little as you need.

For space-conscious kitchens, the BORA Classic can feature as little as 1 cooktop meaning you can experience the power of BORA Classic in any space.

Flex induction function fully-utilises the cooktop area.

Flex induction technology accommodates saucepans large to small, giving the cook versatility without limitations.

Our kitchen design service includes full installation of the BORA CLASSIC and any other desired appliances. Contact our design team for a quote on your new kitchen project today. Unfortunately, we do not offer installation as part of our standalone product sales.

The bora classic revolutionises the modern kitchen. Bora’s first fully-modular cooktop setup for complete customisation and versatility, allowing the customer to select and prioritise which cooking method they enjoy best. BORA has earnt its reputation within the kitchen appliance sector for providing one of the best downdraft extraction products on the market with impressive performance whether recirculating air or ducting out to the exterior of the kitchen. The BORA Classic is minimal in styling to be completely un-intrusive in the kitchen, whether it be an elegant, modern kitchen design or a more traditional style, the BORA Classic has the looks to suit all scenarios. With intuitive touch-sensitive controls at the centre of the Bora Classic – operation is simplistic and highly-user friendly to all age users in your family. The LED controls revert to being invisible when the unit is no longer opperational, allowing for a seamless glass aesthetic. With impressive features such as automatic extraction controlled downdraft extraction, surface induction, flex induction technology, integrated drip pan, and a whole host of accessories. The BORA Classic is completely modular in design, creating multiple component configurations for all manner of cooks and cooking styles. Configure your Bora Classic with gas hobs if you prefer the more traditional method or perhaps a stainless steel tepan yaki, for an authentic asian style of cooking. The modular components of the BORA Classic can be purchased separately or commonly bought in combination sets. Achieve the perfect setup for you, by customizing your own BORA Classic cooktop set. The BORA Classic is made with luxury materials like Schott toughened glass, stainless steel, and other highly durable metals and plastics – the Bora Classic is built to last. The BORA Classic – minimum in volume, the fan in operation is always exceptionally quiet with thanks to optimum airflow being regulated and in combination with an extremely light, quiet sounding fan. Krieder supplies all BORA cooktops as standalone products, directly shipped to your door or complete with installation with our full-service kitchen design package. Krieder exclusively selects the BORA Classic to fit in their retail kitchens, we are confident that the product fits the required standard for our customers, this is why we recommend any BORA cooktop first above all other luxury kitchen appliance brands. An elegant, modern and minimal designed kitchen appliance from German design award winner BORA.