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Storage units

Discover the range of modular storage solutions available to be designed bespoke for your interior by our award-winning interior experts.

Discover our range of modular storage solutions. Customisable storage modules to optimise the available space and accentuate the interior architecture of your home. Our award-winning designers will use our products to design a storage system composition bespoke to your interior and personal taste in colour, material and style.

Modern, bespoke designed storage and side cabinets for luxury interiors.

Our range of luxury storage modules can be formulated and organised by our award-winning designers in a way that optimises your available space and provides a unique, sophisticated composition bespoke to you.

Living room focal points to impress and inspire.

Create a unique focal point to your living room with modern boiserie and storage compositions. Specify the storage requirements that you need and our award-winning designers will design a focal point for your interior space – in a bespoke 3D render.

Create multiple compositions that coordinate in perfect harmony.

Using modular components, creating multiple compositions within an interior space is simple. We have the ability to create unique living furniture storage compositions that perfectly coordinate harmoniously.

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