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Luxury Kitchens in Knightsbridge.

Kitchens engineered to last. Our award-winning service in Knightsbridge offers made to measure furniture at the cutting edge of design. We stand for quality, superior service and trust.

Luxury Kitchens in Knightsbridge

Luxury liquid metal base units on the kitchen island.

Award-winning kitchen design in Knightsbridge.

Our talented team of award-winning kitchen designers design beautiful and functional kitchens bespoke to you and your interior requirements. Our team are always up to be challenged with your kitchen aspirations. We have devoted many years perfecting our craft in luxury kitchen design and our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, giving you a kitchen you adore day after day, year after year.

Luxury kitchens in Knightsbridge, London. Kitchen design by Krieder studio UK

Creative excellence, seamless delivery and installation - our full kitchen service supplies all the necessities.

Our kitchen services offers a seamless process from initial consultation and conception to delivery and installation. We have refined our process over many years and continue to deliver a fantastic service for all our customers. Our aftercare service also supplies first-hand support if there is anything beneath your satisfaction after delivery of your new kitchen.

Luxury kitchens in Knightsbridge, London. Kitchen design by Krieder studio UK

Luxury finishes to indulge the senses.

Kitchens unique in material selection and creativity inspired, our designers are always future-thinking with selections - staying ahead of the trends. Our kitchens host a wealth of luxury finishes and materials such as premium wood veneer, marble, glass, liquid metal and stainless steel. Find out more about the available finishes we offer.

Knightsbridge luxury German kitchens - built to last.

Our kitchens supply all the needs of a modern kitchen with innovative functionality combined with creative and timeless design. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard, they are designed and tested extensively for maximum durability and lifespan. Kitchens built to last and designed to be adored for many years to come.

Luxury kitchens in Knightsbridge, London. Kitchen design by Krieder studio UK

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Frequently asked questions.
We do not offer bespoke built kitchens but offer a completely bespoke design service for kitchens in Knightsbridge. Using our fantastic range of built-to-order products we create kitchens that are engineered to last and tested for longevity – not dependant on the quality of the craftsman.
Our kitchen prices vary wildly on a number of factors, however typically our kitchens range from anywhere from £15,000 – £150,000, the sky really is the limit in regards to your chosen specification.
Krieder kitchens have a 5 year warranty, where our after sales and remedial team are on-hand to fix any issues with your new kitchen should they arise after completion.
Yes, a new kitchen can add value when priced accordingly to the current marketplace. Your chosen specifications can also be a key factor to value increases. With a wealth of luxury properties in Knightsbridge having the right kitchen could benefit resale of your property and give your property a unique feature.
A kitchen can typically last 10+ years. We offer fantastic products that are tested extensively for longevity and durability, meaning our kitchens are built to last many years to come.
A selection of our range is built-to-order and comes direct from our Factory in Germany. German kitchens offer superior quality and engineering, giving the end consumer a fantastic modern and highly-versatile product. Our German kitchens are beautiful in design, highly-versatile and engineered for endurance – resulting in a fantastic investment in your home.

Experience the quality of our products by visiting our flagship showrooms.

Plan a visit to our flagship showrooms. Whilst with us you can immerse yourself in our wide range of products, designs, styles and materials. We display our premium kitchens, kitchen appliances, wardrobes and interior furnishings. We would love to welcome you for a coffee and viewing.

Luxury kitchen design service in Knightsbridge, London and surrounding areas.

Our luxury kitchen design service and interior design service cover all areas of London and the south east of England. We supply premium design for interior spaces; kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and utilities – our interior design service can supply a whole house design and install if required. We have developed our expertise over years of dedication to supplying the best service for our residential customers as well as our parallel commercial division.

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