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Walk-in wardrobes

Luxurious Italian walk-in wardrobes, designed around the architecture of your home and customised to you individual preference.

We design walk-in wardrobes around the architecture of your home. Designed to your individual preference and unique structural dimensions, there is no space that can not accommodate out modular components. Luxurious aesthetics meet astute practicality, bespoke to your available living space. A necessity for a modern home.

Designer luxury walk-in wardrobes system elements, fitted to your bedroom by Krieder UK.

Meticulous detail, astute practicality.

Walk in wardrobes or walk in closets not only provide a versatile solution to organisation but also an elegant showcase for your much loved clothing & accessories. Walk-in wardrobes are a true object of desire. A rich array of shelf dividers, storage units, hangers, deep drawers and accessory locaters.

Custom designed for you and only you.

Our walk in wardrobes can be customised to your unique preference. We offer an array of exclusive finishes from luxury wood veneer, elegant glass and mirror to modern matt lacquers. With soft and charismatic detailed finishes for our internal storage accessories like suede and eco-leather. Our finishes are sure to intrigue on a daily basis.
Luxury modular walk-in wardrobes system elements, fitted to your home by Krieder.
Designer modular walk-in wardrobes system elements, fitted to your home by Krieder.

Exploit all available space.

Modern walk in wardrobes utilise a variety of spaces within the home, from a corner of a bedroom to occupying an entire room. Walk in wardrobes enable much more clothing in your inventory meaning you can hang on a little longer to those items for rare occasions. Our range of walk in wardrobes allow every inch of the space you have to be exploited and optimised.
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