Miele Introduces New Range Cookers

The premium domestic appliance manufacturer, Miele is excited to announce the introduction of its first ever range cooker collection, which will launch in September 2017.  Available in two widths, 92cm (36”) and 122cm (48”), the new ranges will feature the design, precision, functionality and controllability for which Miele is renowned, as well as catering for a host cooking needs, producing restaurant style quality dishes at home.

Benefiting from the fantastic usability of the current Generation 6000 appliances, this impressive Miele range cooker features M Touch controls and a motorised fascia for simple navigation at the swipe or scroll of a finger.  The top has seven gas burners including a griddle and wok ring for quickly searing meats, charring vegetables and cooking pancakes.

Underneath, the cooker offers a plethora of different options, including a standard oven, microwave oven and a gourmet warming drawer.  The large 85L oven provides a versatile range of cooking programmes including intensive bake, a choice of grilling options, crisp function and fan plus, which is ideal for baking and roasting on different levels at the same time.  Miele’s exclusive Moisture Plus technology is also available, which improves results when proving dough, giving loaves of bread an appetising crust and making cuts of meat succulent on the inside and crisp on the outside.  The oven has a rotisserie motor that is perfect when entertaining larger numbers and wireless food probe for guaranteed cooking results every time.  Pyrolytic cleaning with PyroFit accessories are also on board for hassle free maintenance.

The 43L combination microwave oven brings extra flexibility to the kitchen providing a variety of different power levels for gentle defrosting and reheating, as well as a popcorn programme and roasting options, perfect when cooking smaller dishes and the main oven maybe not be required.  A food probe is included to check that a dish is cooked all the way through for great results.

Providing a helping hand, the included Gourmet warming drawer is ideal when entertaining, heating plates, serving dishes and cups.  This innovative model also offers a special programme, which has been designed using fan heat for low-temperature cooking, producing melt in the mouth meat with a uniform texture as well as delicate fish.

Offering a smaller footprint, but with the similar, great oven cooking benefits of the larger model, this 92cm cooker features five gas burners, a motorised fascia and M Touch controls. The extra-large 150L oven has convention heat for baking and roasting traditional recipes, such as preparing soufflés and cooking at low temperatures, auto roasting and browning for fabulous flavour along with fan plus, which is perfect for baking and roasting on different levels at the same time.  Four different grill choices are also available.  The intensive bake programme is ideal for creating cakes with moist toppings, quiches and delicious homemade pizza with crisp bases, bottom heat and gentle bake, while the wireless food probe continually communicates with the oven, monitoring the core temperature of the dish while roasting with a countdown timer displaying the time left for cooking.

Both range cookers have dishwasher safe enamelled pot rests for quick and easy cleaning and the featured cooling system with cool front provides extra peace of mind with all surfaces on and around the cooker remaining cool and safe to touch.

The new Miele HR1956 G and HR1936 G Range Cookers will be available from September 2017

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