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Gaggenau is what the professional chef comes home to: An exclusive range of premium kitchen appliances, designed to provide professional - yet elegant cooking solutions.

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Plan a visit to our flagship showroom. Where we display a wide range of premium kitchen appliances, such as Gaggenau. We display the top of the range 400 series, fully-functional and available to demonstrate. Even try one of the many types of coffee the Gaggenau 400 series full-automatic coffee machine produces. We can explore different kitchen appliance specifications and brands if the Gaggenau 400 series doesn’t fit the criteria. We display other world-leading appliances brands such as Bora, Miele ands Siemens – all setup and operational.

A luxury kitchen without compromise. Gaggenau kitchen appliances add the solution to the home cooking experience. With a diverse range of kitchen appliances that perfectly coordinate together with unrivalled design and functionality. Gaggenau host a diverse range of premium products, including; Ovens, steam combi-ovens, microwave-ovens, double ovens, cooking hobs, overhead extractors, fully-automatic coffee machines, wine coolers, dishwashers and washing machines. Gaggenau kitchen appliances bring the professional grade kitchen equipment to your home. Gaggenau pioneer design in the kitchen and are a must-have for any modern kitchen, with elegant handleless designs the appliances boast sophistication and are guaranteed to impress visiting guests. Krieder is an approved and accredited dealer for Gaggenau appliances, discover their range in our online shop and request a personalised quote. Achieve that timeless German design appeal with Gaggenau kitchen appliances.