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A KITCHEN WITHOUT COMPROMISE: GAGGENAU KITCHEN APPLAINCES TO COMPLEMENT A modern LUXURY kitchen. FROM STUNNING stainless steel refridgereation units, to integrated coffee machines & wine coolers INVENTED for unrivalled effectiveness, attractive GERMAN ENGINEERED design and impressive performance. visit our showrooms to experience GAGGENAU LUXURY KITCHEN APPLIANCES


Inspired by professional kitchens, the Gaggenau ovens offer a considerable number of advantages over traditional ovens. Being hand-crafted from the finest materials with its striking german design, provides a presence in your kitchen.

  • Traditional oven, steam & microwave ovens

  • Accurate core temperature probe

  • Over 300ºC cooking capabilities

  • Powerful, quiet and refined

  • Refined german design

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Influenced by restaurant kitchens, Gaggeunau cooktops adhere to the principle of exceptional materials, usability and designed with insight. Gaggenau cooktops are modular in the design philosophy allowing the creation of bespoke cook-spaces, enabling for specific cooking techniques.

  • Induction, gas or glass ceramic cooktops

  • Integrated or surface mounted

  • Combined with downdraft ventilation

  • Intuitive refined german design

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As the kitchen becomes a place for both cooking and entertaining, ventilation becomes more vital. Effortless, silent and clever, Gaggenau extractors capture vapours and odours, which can be controlled manually or automatically, mounted on the wall, within cupboards, above islands or on the cooktop. Everything has been designed with discretion and airflow in mind, creating a system that performs exceptionally and quietly behind the scenes.

  • Integrated or island mounted

  • Intuitive downdraft ventilation

  • Refined german design

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A fully integrated, built-in modular family of : refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine climate cabinets can be partnered in a multitude of ways to create an impressive display. Should you wish them to stand out, you can even customise the effect with the addition of stainless steel doors.

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Fully automatic espresso machines allow you to prepare coffee to a professional standard within your home. Create beverages to cater for your individual preferences for your or your guests, instantly and with a minimum of effort. These are coffee machines that blend seamlessly oven combinations.

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Your wine needs to be stored, protected, showcased and prepared for enjoyment. These are functions that your wine cabinet, equal to a wine cellar, achieves year after year with complete confidence. For serious wine aficionados, wine is a passion bordering on obsession, equalled only by the desire for the ultimate in storage.

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The Gaggenau laundry appliances are the first choice when it comes to perfectly coordinated laundry systems. The appliances boost exceptional results. The laundry appliances offers an intelligent dosage system and houses a self-cleaning heat exchanger, minimizing manual efforts. The Gaggenau laundry appliances ensure your clothes look their best, everytime.

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Your wine needs to be stored, protected, showcased and prepared for enjoyment. These are functions that your wine cabinet, equal to a wine cellar, achieves year after year with complete confidence. For serious wine aficionados, wine is a passion bordering on obsession, equalled only by the desire for the ultimate in storage.

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Why choose GAGGENAU?


Gaggenau has been a pioneering kitchen appliance manufacturer for over 300 years, and is one the leading innovators in technology and design home-cooking and kitchen sector. GAGGENAU is known for its quality and their roots are firmly within manufacturing, every appliance designed and created uses the highest-quality materials and precise workmanship, this often means many appliances are made by hand.


Gaggenau appliances are the most innovative kitchen appliances on the market, using cutting edge technology, Gaggenau makes the process of cooking quicker, easier and accurate. Making them the appliance of choice for many of the world's top chefs & home-owners looking to make an impact.

200 Series vs 400 Series

The Gaggenau 200 series ovens offer a flush aesthetic, with stainless steel handles that match your 200 series fridges and freezers. Unlimited in capability; the 200 series ovens are Home Connect-enabled and can be remote controlled, monitored and diagnosed. Combi-steam ovens and combi-microwaves can be combined with warming and vacuum drawers and a fully automatic espresso machine for maximum visual and culinary effect.

The Gaggenau 400 Series offer handle-free doors that proudly protrude from the wall and can be opened by a simple touch of the intuitive TFT touch display. Expansive in both size and capability, the 400 series offers an exceptional range of ovens, combi-steam ovens, combi-microwaves, warming and vacuuming drawers. A fully automatic espresso machine completes your options and provides you with baking and coffee possibilities on a truly grand scale.

If you are still unsure our GAGGENAU experts are on hand to help and advise you to find the system that best suits your cooking style or design requirements.

Advantages of
GAGGENAU Kitchen Appliances

Powerful but Quiet

Sleek & Refined German Design

Design freedom

Simple cleaning & maintenence

Built using luxury materials & finishes

Unrivalled effectiveness

History of GAGGENAU

GAGGENAU, found in Germany in 1683. A company that finds inspiration from professional kitchens to design and manufacture restaurant grade kitchen appliances for the modern home.

From their humble beginnings as a metal-worker, Gaggenau has been working without compromise with a mission to marry innovative technologies and timeless German design.

GAGGENAU & Krieder

GAGGENAU is one of the most exciting luxury kitchen appliances manufacturers in the world. With its market-leading German design and innovative integrated technology.

At KRIEDER we champion such manufacturers to our customers and we receive fantastic feedback from our customers on the superb functionality of the GAGGENAU appliances that instantly transforms their kitchens.

KRIEDER Kitchens & GAGGENAU kitchen appliances

We create kitchens of beauty with daring combinations and we recognise GAGGENAU’s evolution of science and design. GAGGENAU produces state of the art kitchen appliances that not only change the look into a refined cookspace but also provide efficiencies in the centre of your home.

We incorporate GAGGENAU hobs into our fitted kitchen designs, the refined luxury materials and style, give us complete control and flexibility in the installation in a visually pleasing location.

Approved UK Stockist for GAGGENAU

Our kitchen customers absolutely love GAGGENAU kitchen appliances. We have been an approved UK supplier of GAGGENAU for many years, and our partnership which offers incredible integrated ovens, refrigerations units and kitchen accessories to our customers, with their luxury fitted kitchens.

VIEW our kitchens

We offer a full kitchen design service - that will include installation of your brand new GAGGENAU appliances. View some of our collections or give us a call if you have a style you have in mind. Our design service is completely free of charge, let's see how our design consultants can transform your home.

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At KRIEDER we offer expert advice, competitive prices and fast turnaround for delivery. Our kitchen experts can help with your plans for concealed refrigeration units, integrated coffee machines or the complete design service of your kitchen. We also display our GAGGENAU kitchen appliances at our showroom in Tonbridge for live demonstrations - book a visit now.