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Bora X Pure surface induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor - recirculated sold by Krieder UK

The BORA X Pure is maximum style and pure perfection. Featuring an extra-wide cooking area with the availability for 8 cookware pots. Using our innovative surface induction technology, zones are a thing of the past.

Distinctive inlet nozzle directing the trademark extraction downdraft technology.

The BORA X Pure features an exclusively designed inlet vent, with additional styling to the base Bora Pure. With bora’s unique downdraft system that is surprisingly quiet yet impressively powerful. Featuring an all-new variable heat retention function that automatically adjusts the extraction level to the cooking contents, meaning you can keep food warm at an optimum, constant temperature without the danger of burning.  

Flex surface induction technology, exclusive to the Bora X Pure.

Surface induction allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where you place your pots and pans. Allowing more pans than a standard induction hob that uses zone induction. Join the new generation of cooking.

Elegant and refined design allows the Bora X Pure to harmonize with your modern kitchen.

The minimal, award winning design of the Bora X Pure means that if can perfectly harmonise with modern kitchen designs, with the unit becomes almost invisible when unilluminated and switched off.

Intuitive and easy to control, the sControl adjusts setting with a very slight movement of the finger.

The sControl vertical slider makes operation easy and intuitive – via an upward/downward swipe of the finger. 

Our kitchen design service includes full installation of the BORA X PURE and any other desired appliances. Contact our design team for a quote on your new kitchen project today. Unfortunately, we do not offer installation as part of our standalone product sales.

The BORA X Pure is maximum style for your kitchen. The Bora X Pure range introduces BORA’s superior surface induction technology, maximising the available cooking space by creating a uniform surface with variable heat distribution, Pure Innovation. A premium appliance with a premium appearance to match with all-new distinctive inlet nozzle grill for added aesthetics. With a larger overall width than the BORA Pure, the BORA X Pure increases pan and cookware space, meaning you can keep all items hot and ready for your dinner guests whilist you are still cooking elsewhere. Oversized cooking zones allow up to 8 medium-sized pans and cookware pots, also induction-safe roasters – which also require more space than the average cooktop surface. Highly-efficient recirculation using the activated charcoal filter allows for all odors and vapor to be neutralised, keeping your brand new kitchen as good as when it was first fitted. The BORA X Pure is minimal in styling to be completely un-intrusive in the kitchen, whether it be an elegant, modern kitchen design or a more traditional style, the BORA X Pure has the looks to suit all scenarios and interiors. Made with luxury materials like Schott toughened glass, stainless steel, and other highly durable metals and plastics – the Bora X Pure is built to last. BORA has earnt its reputation within the kitchen appliance sector for providing one of the best downdraft extraction products on the market with impressive performance whether recirculating air or ducting out to the exterior of the kitchen. Krieder supplies all BORA cooktops as standalone products, directly shipped to your door or complete with installation with our full-service kitchen design package. Krieder exclusively selects the BORA X Pure to fit in their retail and contract kitchens, we are confident that the product fits the required standard for our customers, this is why we recommend any BORA cooktop first above all other luxury kitchen appliance brands. An elegant, modern and minimal designed kitchen appliance from German design award winner BORA.An elegant, modern and minimal designed kitchen appliance from German design award winner BORA.