A modern, sustainable kitchen made with Paperstone® recycled material.


Guide Price: £40,000
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Modernity and sustainability intertwine with Eco. A kitchen designed with environmental responsibility in mind. Made with Paperstone®, a totally ecological material made with recycled paper and non-petroleum based resin. Composed in a elegant checkerboard reminiscent pattern, it adds intrigue to the story behind your conscious decision. Combined with a ultra-minimal island layout that plays with space and surface are by means of the sliding sink cover.


Phonotherm® 200
Groove opening
4 straight edges
unique details

Paperstone® recycled material in checkerboard patterned design

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Ecostone collection is a fusion of environmental sensibility and ethical reason, brought to life in a conceptual kitchen design for the modern home.
Kitchen details
Paperstone checkered worktop, made with recycled materials. A environmentally responsible choice modern kitchen design.

Paperstone® checkered worktop

The checkerboard like surface exalts the aesthetic qualities of the worktop created with our innovative material. The modular surface in four different shades is the distinguishing feature of this monolithic unit suspended on a recessed base.

Grooved handless design

Concealed grooved door handles provide opening without interrupting the clean, minimal aesthetic.

Grooved kitchen base unit handles keep the kitchen looking modern and minimal.
Perimeter handrail in the modern kitchen.

Perimeter handrail

The perimeter to the surface and doors created a groove for door accessibility. This keeps the aesthetic clean and adds a unique inconsistency to the overall island.

Modular stainless steel fixtures

Modern and minimal Barazza® brushed stainless steel tap extends the modularity of the kitchen design.

Modern and minimal Barazza® brushed stainless steel tap in luxury kitchen design.
Sliding worktop covers / uncovers the kitchen sink and extends food preparation space in the luxury kitchen.

Concealed sink

A sliding worktop conceals/uncovers the kitchen sink and extends food preparation available space. Barazza taps accommodate by lowering to worktop level.

Matt base unit doors

Matt finished kitchen doors keep the aesthetic minimal and give glistening black kitchen appliances a chance to feature.

Matt finished kitchen doors keep the aesthetic highly modern and give black kitchen appliances a chance to feature.
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