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A luxurious kitchen between essence and comfort.


Guide Price: £63,000
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A luxurious kitchen between essence and comfort.


Guide Price: £63,000

A meticulously staged serenity. Ample spaces, infinite windows with minimal frames, coupled with only a few large elements, flanked by capacious tall units. They create movement through contrasts of depth, finishes and the lightness of a boiserie that relaxes the eye from the sheer volume of cabinetry, filled with all the commodities required to truly experience the kitchen.


Inalco MDi Syros
Plain colour Tecnolam Bianco
Inox satin lacquer / Naturale chestnut veneer
snack bar finish
Fenix NTM® Rosso Jaipur
DOOR thickness
unique details

Featured in the centre of the kitchen, a floating cooktop area accentuated by soft-touch Fenix NTM® Rosso Jaipur.

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Varying finishes create a unique kitchen composition at the forefront of design, hosting colourful bursts paired with a soft, Scandinavian design.
Kitchen details

elegant 45° internal cut breakfast bar

The breakfast bar composition in elegant Inalco MDi Syros on the top, whilst maintaining its true wooden soul toward the interior. Additionally sporting a charismatic 45° internal cut for a modern inspired finish.

Combining decisive lines with daring colour.

The volume of the kitchen features essential lines that stand decisively without being imperious. They become a clearly visible invitation in velvety Fenix NTM® Rosso Jaipur used for the cooktop with handy touch controls and accessible from both sides of the island


Marble effect Inalco MDi Syros characterises the worktop.

Beautifully veined Inalco MDi Syros marble effect porcelain provides a subtle yet luxurious worktop finish and focal point.

Blushed stainless steel effect lacquer tall unit finish

Tall units showcase a dramatic Inox satin lacquer boasting a brushed stainless steel effect.

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