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Luxury central island with suspended worktop, finished in Black Picasso marble, Rustic raw oak, liquid metal and brass elements.


Guide Price: £65,000
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Luxury central island with suspended worktop, finished in Black Picasso marble, Rustic raw oak, liquid metal and brass elements.


Guide Price: £65,000

An awe-inspiring composition of luxurious, naturally beautiful materials. A thick marble worktop covers the entire island, dressed in elegant Black Picasso marble protruding over the edge of the island structure. Rustic raw oak wood veneer contrasts the elegance of marble, with its distressed looks it creates a unique composition.


Black Picasso Marble
Groove opening
Handle opening
Liquid metal & Raw oak veneer
unique details

Ceiling-height tall unit doors, spanning up to 2.65 metres in height.

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A luxury marble kitchen with liquid metal doors and rustic effect oak veneer in island layout.
Kitchen details
Luxury black Picasso marble kitchen worktop on a large central island.

Elegant Black Picasso marble

Black Picasso marble covers the full surface of the island, with its orange-like veining.

Unique worktop support

The marble countertop protrudes over the island, with a unique support composition.

Marble countertop protrudes over the side of the luxury kitchen island.
Pitt cooking Elbrus gas hobs fit flush into the kitchen island and designer marble worktop

Flush fit gas cooktops

Pitt cooking Elbrus gas hobs are fitted flush into the elegant worktop. resulting in complete continuation of the marble design.

Satin brass liquid metal doors

Large tall unit doors are covered in liquid metal in luxury satin brass colourway. The doors span the full-height of the kitchen (up to 2.65m).

Modern and luxury satin brass colour liquid metal kitchen tall unit doors
Elegant glass display kitchen cabinets with luxurious smoked glass with metal frame.

Smoked glass cabinets

Glass display units span the entire wall with a luxury smoked glass finish with metal framed profile.

Large concealed pantry

A large pantry is concealed behind the liquid metal tall units.

hidden kitchen pantry in luxury satin brass liquid metal
Storage elements pull out from inside the kitchen boiserie in a luxury Italian kitchen

Pull out hanging storage

Rustic oak storage elements pull out from behind the liquid metal boiserie.

Brass floor-to-ceiling shelving

Brass finished shelving which spans the full height of the kitchen.

Luxury brass metal bespoke kitchen shelving designed and installed by Krieder.
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