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Minimal and contemporary, twin kitchen signifies boundless luxury.


Guide Price: £72,000
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Minimal and contemporary, twin kitchen signifies boundless luxury.


Guide Price: £72,000

Twin expresses a philosophical attention to detail, sophistication and contemporary allure. Characterised by the presence of two large central islands, parallel and identical in size. The islands underline and separate the fundamental functions present in all kitchens: those related to the use of water and those related to the use of fire. The latter, in particular, in the spirit of maximum conviviality between the cook and the diners, provides a portion equipped with seats, perfect for eating in direct contact with the cook.


Tiffany quartzite
Powder-coated Aluminum
Handleless pull
Handle operated sliding doors
unique details

The island doors in fact open from above and surmount the top and the two elements in closed position match perfectly giving the islands a compact and elegant effect.

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A open-plan kitchen centred around 2 identical kitchen islands spanning amenities across varied ares of the kitchen work surface with luxury materials to adore in every corner of the kitchen. The ultra-streamlined aesthetic is achieved using a handle that is operated from the top of the base units, giving the doors a unique, ultra-minimalist design.
Kitchen details

Reverse snack counter

A reverse snack counter protrudes the exterior of the kitchen island covered in luxury heat-treated oak wood veneer, a perfect location for a quick snack or entertaining guests whilst cooking is in progress.

Inner chamfered edge bridges the wood veneer surface corners

Creating an elegant chamfered edge characterising where the heat-treated oak veneer inner surfaces meet. A luxury detail further accentuating the delicate aesthetic of the veneer.


Luxury graining Oak wood veneer

Close up detailing showcases the luxury graining of the Oak wood veneer.

Multi-functional sink space with recessed design

The recessed sink is carefully carved out of the Tiffany quartzite worktop material to create a seamless look. All amenities are close to hand in this multi-functional space with drying rack, plate drainers and cleaning accessory holder.


Elegant natural quartzite veining

Natural, elegant veining from the gorgeous Tiffany quartzite worktop finish. Providing a captivating contrast to the dark base units and selection of wood.

Protruding profile door opening

Protruding door profile creates a unique opening system exclusive to twin kitchen, resulting in a completely uniform and uninterrupted door surface.


Complimentary bespoke floating sideboard

Using complimentary kitchen units, we created a floated sideboard that ran parallel to the length of the kitchen. A superb opportunity for decoration and surplus storage.

Equipped and sophisticated tall unit organisers.

Luxury interior accessories equip the large tall units, adding functional space for all manner of contents. Hosting; pull-out plate racks and shelving, drawer boxes and much more available to specify.


Concealed sliding door reveals creative and functional spaces.

Slide-operated door reveals a concealed area that provides more creative and functional storage space delivered in an elegant manner. Complete with tall units dedicated to glassware storage with hanging glass racks optimising every-last available space.

Bespoke open shelving unit

Creating a aesthetically pleasing, yet highly useable storage location that uses the large wall space - we created a bespoke open shelving unit that can host decorative ornaments, recipe books or anything you desire.

All our products are manufactured to order and made to the exact requirements of our customers. Please contact one of our interior experts to find out how our products or product compositions can be customised specifically for your home.

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