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Capturing a natural environment in the height of a skyline apartment kitchen.


Guide Price: £56,000
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Capturing a natural environment in the height of a skyline apartment kitchen.


Guide Price: £56,000

Architecture is dominated by a contemporary natural setting. It enters into apartments that challenge the sky as they search for breathing room, coolness and notes of relaxing colour. It is received by harmonious finishes, such as the stone-look of surfaces in laminate HPL Dark Pulpis and the wood finish of Synchroface Grigio elm, and reflected in glass display cases with methacrylate back panels.


Laminate HPL Dark Pulpis
Synchroface Grigio elm
unique details

Elegant waterfall worktop in Laminate HPL Dark Pulpis provides continuation of the stone aesthetic and coordination with the splash back.

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Charismatic apartment/flat kitchen which opens out to a balcony, infusing indoors and outdoors in one tranquil space.
Kitchen details

Functional and elegant central island.

Beautifully central to the room, the island brings together hospitality and work areas to create a space that is interconnected and social.

Framed by tall units.

The monolithic cabinetry of this L-shaped kitchen is framed at the ends by tall units, fitted with vertical handles in the area containing the refrigerator


Full height glass tall units mirroring the skyline surroundings.

Beautifully backlit mirrored glass tall units reflect the surroundings of the skyline building into the apartment, proving a cleverly-thought interior and storage solution.

Seamless merging outside and inside, an infinite environment.

Imagine flying in an infinite sky, made possible by architecture that merges outside and inside, the terrace and the most beloved room of the home. Dreams are dilated by the glass and mirrored backs of the tall display units framing the kitchen and containing the bank of ovens, turning toward the living room, light and luminous.


Granite effect laminate

Laminate HPL Dark Pulpis showcases a subtle graining and perfectly mimics the aesthetic of granite with added durability.

Elegant waterfall effect worktop.

The thick worktop continues down the sides and back to elegantly finish the island. Worktop finished in Laminate HPL Dark Pulpis.

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